Philippine Condotel Investments: US Road Show Sales Hit $8.5 Million

Beth Collingz, International Marketing Director for PLC Global, based in Manila, led Marketing Partners for the Lancaster Brand of Condotels in the Philippines and introduced the company’s most recent US Road Show, which was another significant achievement, bringing in approximately $8.5 million in excellent revenue for Lancaster.As buyers, we have a look at resolving issues of real estate retirement by investing as an alternative to social safety structures that are on the verge of going bankrupt and pension plans that are failing left and right and may continue to fail as many are glorified “Pyramid Schemes” or rely completely on the “never ending chain” prevalent.

For overseas Filipinos and offshore property investors looking to start saving for retirement, the Philippines, with its comparative low cost of actual estate but high hotel accommodations charges, makes the condotel investment a very appealing funding proposition.Clients are currently looking for preconstruction funding for a Lancaster Atrium Semi-Fitted Studio Suite that can be purchased on a 12-Year Payment Plan that allows Executive Studio [Semi-Fitted] Suites to be purchased with a reservation of only PHP 25,000.00 for a 32.50sqm [350sqft] Studio, then forty-eight consecutive month-to-month bills of only PHP 17,801.58 [no interest for the first four years].During the first four years, an annual lump sum of PHP 91,551.00 may be payable on the anniversary of the reservation date, and after that, hold the ninety-six consecutive monthly bills of PHP 24,075 for seventy-three months to complete the stability of the acquisition rate, as Collingz stated.

Collingz stated With a projected ROI via leases of at least $500 per month, the ultimate ninety-six month-to-month bills on the unit stability self-liquidating stated Collingz, and with pre-construction belongings appreciating at a few 20-30% per year now not only does the real estate appreciation appearance good, but it also appears to be good.

The capacity excess charges of apartmentminium returns from condo hotel investments, which are currently ranging from 8% to as much as 16% per annum, open up a large marketplace now no longer previously explored with the aid of using real estate agents and brokers, who all too frequently run around like headless chickens looking out ordinary residential profile customers without looking on the with the aid of a much larger imagegraph of investments, making an in-depth analysis.We investigated condotels as natural investments.Not in the same way that real estate is.If you take a look at the condo hotel marketplace as an investment for future earnings and think outside the box, it’s far simple to see that hotel condominiums aren’t only actual estate investments, but additionally revenue-producing assets.Think of condotels as a managed pension plan. After all, condotel devices are completely controlled possessions. The owner of the belongings no longer has to worry about renting out the unit and can handle all of the typical pitfalls of being a new landlord.According to Collingz, this is handled with the assistance of the condo hotel management.

One of my Chicago clients recently purchased four studio condotel suites at Lancaster The Atrium Manila, which is currently under construction, with the intention of retiring in 2012.His outlay for the acquisition is most effective at around 70 dollars an afternoon for six years with the aid of opting to buy with a 30% down payment on a 6-year no prequalification, no down payment, no hobby charge plan. Even before he finishes charging the devices, he could be receiving more than $2,000 a month in apartment-minium earnings in addition to any government or private company pension plan. Apply that to the 12-year charge plan and for the first four years prior to crowning glory, wherein you’ll most likely be paying something like 20 dollars per afternoon, and after the devices are already earning 45 dollars per afternoon, he could have a coin-ton of earnings on 20 dollars per afternoon or a few hundred dollars per month.Even better, apartment-hotel earnings are in line with inflation, and purchasing preconstruction terms offers real estate appreciation of a few sixty to eighty percent over four years, according to Collingz.

At the end of 12 years, having most effectively positioned out 50% of the original purchase price of the devices, the proprietor may have earned around 4,800 dollars, and rental devices are currently in charge simple, owned loose and clean, and earning more than 2,000 dollars per month.However, as hotel rates rise year after year, so do apartment-hotel earnings, according to Collingz.


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