Bathroom Design Strategies That Increase the Value of Your Home

When it comes to increasing the value of your home, real estate experts will agree that investing in the bathroom and kitchen almost always ensures a profitable return.

If you are thinking about making your house attractive to potential customers, then one of the first places to start is inside the toilet. With an infinite number of add-ons and home equipment available on the market, determining whether it will allow you to achieve your goals in the long run is difficult.

What do humans absolutely require in terms of toilet layout?Would opting for a large whirlpool tub over a standard tub save money in the long run?

Wouldn’t designing your toilet be a far less difficult task if you had a guiding principle of what piqued the interest of potential homebuyers?If you’re going to lay out your toilet, do it right the first time to avoid flushing away your hard-earned money.

Hello simplicity

Since the Sixties, there has been a lot of emphasis placed on ambitious shading in the toilet.Patterned wall tiles of nautical creatures and over-the-pinnacle colorations have been the fashion, together with plastic. Plastic toilet décor became popular, with boldly colored toothbrushes, cleaning soap, and towel holders ranging from ambitious orange, olive inexperienced, mustard yellow, and chocolate brown to thickly patterned plastic bath curtains.

As time passed, the 1970s and early 1980s became a period when gold toilet fittings and furnishings, such as faucets, towel rails, and toilet paper holders, were considered very fashionable.These ostentatious gold-trimmed capabilities have been all the rage, and toilet décor became “loud.” These were added to when pleasant toilet suites in the colors avocado, coral purple, and chocolate brown became available.Bathroom shadeation has modified dramatically during the last decade, and sun sunglasses have come to be more impartial, on occasion with a touch of shadeation that provides a complementary vigor to the general scheme.
Eighty-two percent of those who took part in Plumbworld’s latest toilet survey said they “hated” the once-glorified avocado and coral purple toilet suites, colors that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s but are now considered dark and dull.

According to the survey, chrome toilet faucets are far more popular than gold faucets.

So, while designing and redecorating your toilet, keep the darker colorations at bay, don’t forget white suites, and choose chrome fixings and fixtures in place of flashy gold.

Shower electricity

Setting a bath is one of the most important aspects to consider when planning the layout of your toilet.Some toilets do not have a large enough area to consist of a bath cubicle, so verify your alternatives. Consider installing a bathtub over the bathtub if space is restricted.

The survey confirmed that ninety-four percent, according to its contributors, believed that a bath in a toilet became very essential, and eighty-one percent stated they desired a separate bath enclosure in a massive toilet. Almost 65 percent of respondents said an electric bath was their best bet, while 27 percent preferred mixer showers and the most effective 12 percent preferred electric powered showers.

If you have a bath over the bathtub, consider using a glass display instead of a bath curtain.Although it may cost a little more than some heavier kilos, more than half of survey participants desired a glass display on a bath curtain.

Choosing a Bathtub

Contrary to popular belief, installing a whirlpool tub in your home to increase the value of your possessions does not always work.So, if you’re thinking about selling your home, avoid purchasing a whirlpool tub in the hopes of making more money.

According to the survey, nearly 53% of its respondents no longer use them, despite the fact that they are the most effective, and only 38% “love” them.Surprisingly, 62% of respondents said they had “no strong feelings” about nook baths, and as a result, traditional square baths retain clout in comparison to their spruced-up counterparts.

Bathroom floors 

Try to keep away from the urge to place carpets on the toilet ground; consistent with the survey, it isn’t always a good idea. The survey confirmed that tiles were the preferred ground overlay, with 75% of respondents saying they “loved” a tiled toilet ground.Popular vinyl floors have now lost their place in the bathroom, with more than sixty-one percent of respondents saying they had no strong likes or dislikes for it.

When it comes to toilet floors, tiles are the preferred option; however, if money is tight, vinyl floors may not be an option.
Apart from the floors, ensure your home’s windows appear attractive. When it involves dressing your toilet home windows, steer clear of these toilet nets and cloth curtains. According to the survey, ninety-four percent of respondents preferred blinds to curtains inside the toilet.

Keep it easy.

If you plan to sell your home, inspect your toilet for small, often overlooked flaws such as mold at the silicone sealant around the bathtub or even in your shower curtain if you have one.Potential homebuyers should be aware of any minor flaws that may occur during shipment!


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